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Attractive Vinyl Siding for Homes in Vancouver, WA

If there’s one element of your home that has the biggest impact on its curb appeal, it’s siding. Your home’s siding dictates everything from its color to the feeling it projects to the world. If you need new siding on your Vancouver, Washington, home, consider the premium Alside® vinyl siding offered by DaBella, the local professionals you can trust. You can rely on our team to enhance the visual appeal of your home, as well as improve its protection, with new vinyl siding.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

There are several reasons why so many homeowners opt for vinyl siding on their homes. And it’s not just its good looks, either. Some of the benefits offered by vinyl siding include:


Especially compared to its weight, vinyl siding is very strong. When properly installed, vinyl siding can resist heavy impacts and high winds, as well as nicks and scratches, with ease. Plus, the tough surface is nearly impervious to insect infestations.

Low Maintenance

Many siding options, especially traditional ones like wood or stone, require near-constant maintenance to stay attractive and keep their protective qualities, but not vinyl. The factory-applied paint and finish will last for years with no need for repainting or refinishing. Best of all, you can clean vinyl siding with nothing more than a garden hose and gentle soap.


Just because vinyl siding has many beneficial qualities doesn’t mean that it’s ugly. In fact, vinyl’s attractive appearance and ability to imitate almost any texture is perhaps its biggest selling point. At DaBella, you can create dozens of combinations from different aesthetic options to create vinyl siding that looks exactly the way you want.

Your Team for Home Improvement

If you’re ready to upgrade your Vancouver, WA, home with modern, durable, and gorgeous vinyl siding, turn to DaBella. We also offer financing options for qualified buyers. To find out more, schedule a no-obligation consultation with DaBella today.