😀A while back I wrote a review of what one could say was could of contained a mix of good and not so good experience. However, I stayed true to my word in my review and gave this company another shot. Of course came some skepticism as we decided to spend money on a product that we ended up having to donate, which looking back just makes you feel good. Yet something about this company, their product kept me hooked. Not only did the manager of the Billings, MT dept come out to meet us but he brought his best sales rep. The one he knew that would not let us down in anyway, and build back up the confidence that we wanted with this company. Oh man, did he totally hook us up with what I would call my dream designer! Okay, maybe that sounds crazy because these employees are there to sell the product and earn the company money. Clear, cut, dry. Then walks in Coleton B. He knew right away I was not wanting to hear a line of this is what you need, nothing else will work, type of sales rep. Instead, he listened. He already knew by the look on my face that # 1, I already did my research and knew which windows I wanted. # 2 Even though a girl, I did this for 12 years AD in the military and I knew how a product was to be installed and installed correctly. So there was no getting one over on me. So lets just say Coleton listened to every single word I had to say, whether or not the original sales person did us wrong, we paid and we still stayed. He made small suggestions, and it was things I had not thought about and his vision was quickly making sense. Not in a monetary increase for the company, but how to increase the value of our house. How can we increase the functionality of our house. All things that did not give the company more money. He was looking out for us his customers. Then comes the good part, I was picking out exterior window color but I asked him to bring samples of siding colors. James Hardie of course, because we knew we were going to have to replace it eventually and I wanted a complimentary color exterior window to go with the future siding. The husband out of town left the schematic’s to me as I can see a final project where he is unable too. Coleton came over, never once pressured me on buying siding..etc for the house. Instead, he took pics of my house, a total 360. In the matter of minutes was able to transform to the color of siding I thought was bold, modern, something I thought I would never get the husband to buy off on. He helped with his vision put details in that transformed this house in pics to be the most modern house on the block, possibly the neighborhood. Yet that was not at all what he was there for. He was there to help me find my exterior window color. I asked for a ball park figure of what siding would cost on a house this big and it was up there, less then what I anticipated but still floored the husband. So it was a “future” project. Until Coleton, knowing that a deal on the colors we designed as a team. At least that is what I felt happened, came on a overstock once in a lifetime cant pass up deal. He called us, gave us the low down on pricing. Which then we remembered guttering, and many other things. Ended up with such a fantastic deal!!! We signed a contract the next day with Coleton. It was like I had a advocate in my corner helping me design and share my vision which husband took on a HUGE modern change!!! Coleton was never once at all pressuring, never did he feel like it was now or never. He called us first when this overstock deal hit the market, and to this day he is still such an advocate in our corner! My husband was not in town when the siding was complete! The transformation was absolutely mesmerizing had so many neighbors stop ask who we went through, who our rep was and I was proud to give out Coleton and DaBella’s name. Just wait for my next great house transformation with Coleton and DaBella!!! EXCITED!!!!!!
Billings, MT