Our People

John P., Lexy K., Sigrid I.

At DaBella, we believe quality begins at home. In order to provide families with the best customer experience possible, we also consider ourselves a family. We find strength in our diverse talents and unique experiences, but our vision is the singular: To transform home improvement services in America.

At DaBella, it’s a family affair


Jahuaree and Xavier are some of the talented folks in the Dabella family who, from the first phone call to the last roofing tile, are helping build quality in the home.

Cousins, Jahuaree and Xavier

Wife & Husband

Mandi and Thomas are part of the DaBella family too. They’re working hard to transform home improvement services and create lasting value for American families.

Wife and Husband, Mandi and Thomas

Mother & Daughter

Santana and Ky know that from one generation to the next, DaBella’s purpose remains the same. To care for families. To care for homes.

Mother and Daughter, Santana and Ky

DaBella’s MVPs

Hard work and happy customers are what drive these superstars. Meet some of the many employees dedicated to providing homeowners with a satisfying home improvement experience.

Trina Gibson
Trina Gibson
Payroll Manager since 2017
Jennifer Burdette
Jennifer Burdette
Finance Coordinator since 2016

General Managers

With over a dozen offices in several states, DaBella is growing. But our general managers guide local teams to help ensure a tailored experience for every customer.

Denver, CO
Jordan Richmond, General Manager, Denver, CO
Jordan Richmond
General Manager
Eugene, OR
Richard Kirkendall, General Manager, DaBella Eugene, OR
Richard Kirkendall
General Manager
N. Puget Sound, WA
John Chappell, General Manager, DaBella Everett, WA
John Chappell
General Manager
Portland, OR
Ron Stewart, General Manager, DaBella Portland, OR
Ron Stewart
General Manager
Idaho Falls, ID
JR Thomas, General Manager, DaBella Idaho Falls, ID
JR Thomas
General Manager
Tri-Cities, WA
John McMullen General Manager, DaBella Tri-Cities, WA
John McMullen
General Manager
Seattle, WA
Brody Hess, General Manager, DaBella Kent, WA
Brody Hess
General Manager
Olympia, WA
Matt Krom, General Manager, DaBella Olympia, WA
Matt Krom
General Manager
Spokane, WA
Jeremy Burgess, General Manager, DaBella Spokane, WA
Jeremy Burgess
General Manager
Medford, OR
Travis Larson, General Manager, DaBella Medford, OR
Travis Larson
General Manager
Boise, ID
Brandon McCloud, General Manager, DaBella Boise, ID
Brandon McCloud
General Manager
Phoenix, AZ
Gannon Thiel, General Manager, DaBella Phoenix, AZ
Gannon Thiel
General Manager
Bend, OR
Luke Sorensen, General Manager, DaBella Bend, OR
Luke Sorensen
General Manager
Vancouver, WA
Chris Rodarte, General Manager, DaBella Vancouver, WA
Chris Rodarte
General Manager

Join the DaBella Family. Opportunities await.

DaBella Career Opportunities

With opportunities in customer service, sales, operations and finance, across the western United States, we might just have the perfect position for you.