Our People

John P., Lexy K., Sigrid I.

Growth Through the Success of Others

Regional Manager

Daniel Lowensohn is one of the talented folks in the Dabella family. He started off as a Canvasser, and after joining our Sales team, he was able to continue his growth all the way to the Regional Manager you see today!

Call Center

Our Call Center Agents are some of the most important people in the DaBella Family. They’re working hard to transform home improvement services and create lasting value for American families.

Jordan G.
Jordan G.

DaBella MVPs

Hard work and happy customers are what drive these superstars. Meet some of the many employees dedicated to providing homeowners with a satisfying home improvement experience.

Orion Rubin
Field Marketing since 2011
Jenn Contreras-Perez
Payroll Manager since 2019

General Managers

With 29 offices in twelve states, DaBella is growing. Our general managers guide local teams to help ensure a tailored experience for every customer.

Provo, UT
Jared Coburn
General Manager
Billings, MT
Nathan Aloisio
General Manager
Boise, ID
Brandon McCloud, General Manager, DaBella Boise, ID
Brandon McCloud
General Manager
Olympic Peninsula, WA
GM Bremerton, WA - Carey Funk
Carey Funk
General Manager
Cheyenne, WY
Philip Repasky
General Manager
Colorado Springs, CO
Lance Fagan
General Manager
Eugene, OR
Jake Hayes
General Manager
Seattle, WA
Brody Hess
General Manager
Minneapolis, MN
Kyle Bohl
General Manager
Denver, CO
Jordan Richmond
General Manager
Portland, OR
Steven Shortridge
General Manager
Idaho Falls, ID
Kaleb Bower, General Manager, DaBella Idaho Falls, ID
Kaleb Bowers
General Manager
Tri-Cities, WA
Christian Humphreys
General Manager
Olympia, WA
Ron Stewart, General Manager, DaBella Olympic Peninsula
Joel Satterwhite
General Manager
Las Vegas, NV
Travis Larson, General Manager, DaBella Las Vegas, NV
Travis Larson
General Manager
N. Puget Sound, WA
Clinton Gilbert
General Manager
Medford, OR
John Keyser
General Manager
Missoula, MT
Zachary Barry
General Manager
Ogden, UT
Ty Lopez
General Manager
Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Roberts
General Manager
Bend, OR
Luke Sorensen, General Manager, DaBella Bend, OR
Luke Sorensen
General Manager
Reno, NV
Alex Keats, General Manager, DaBella Reno, NV
Alex Keats
General Manager
San Diego, CA
General Manager Phoenix, AZ - Jeremy Gantt
Jeremy Gantt
General Manager
Spokane, WA
John McMullen General Manager, DaBella Tri-Cities, WA
John McMullen
General Manager
Twin Falls, ID
Carson Jones
General Manager
Vancouver, WA
Chris Rodarte, General Manager, DaBella Vancouver, WA
Chris Rodarte
General Manager
Salt Lake City, UT
Richard Kirkendall, General Manager, DaBella Eugene, OR
Richard Kirkendall
General Manager
Westborough, MA
GM Tommy Ingram, Westborough, MA
Tommy Ingram
General Manager
Yakima, WA
John McKee
General Manager

Join the DaBella Family. Opportunities await.

DaBella Career Opportunities

With opportunities in customer service, sales, operations and finance, across the United States, we might just have the perfect position for you.