Room by Room Checklist

What Home Improvements Should Happen: Room by Room Checklist

The Home Improvement Checklist

Increasing the house’s value and comfortability are two of the main reasons why homeowners decide to start a home improvement project. With all the potential projects that can suit the two categories, how do you decide which project to start on? Our goal through this article is to create a checklist to help you with your renovation.


Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms to renovate for any homeowner. Much of a homeowner’s life will be spent around the kitchen. This makes updating appliances so appealing in order to change the look or feel of a household.

Appliances can be updated slowly, which also makes them appealing for homeowners with limited budgets. You can also replace small items like cabinetry fixtures and faucets (plumbing fixtures) to quickly and efficiently upgrade the appeal of your kitchen. Upgrading small appliances, such as a disposal, or any appliance that is not visibly seen will add little value so we recommend you replace them on a need basis.

Replacing your Counters is also a popular renovation, but try to also replace your cabinets at the same time. Be cautious with replacing the countertop without cabinets because there is a greater chance of there being sunken spots and uneven joints, this can dramatically increase labor costs on your project. By replacing some of the ‘extra labor’ with new cabinets, you can add direct value to your kitchen instead of wasting it in costs that you cannot recover.

  1. Update Appliances Over Time For Homeowners With Limited Budgets
  2. Replacing Fixtures Can Be Done Simply and Affordably
  3. Replace Cabinets/Counters At The Same Time To Maximize The Added Value of Your Home Improvement Project


Bathrooms are the second most popular room to renovate, these improvements can add comfort to another room that homeowners will frequent often. Easy renovations include replacing the mirror or vanity in small guest bathrooms and replacing plumbing fixtures

Replacing your bathtub or shower is the largest gain to comfort while also adding appeal directly to space. These renovations can get costly attempting to do-it-yourself, so leave it to the pros. Our quality installers will have faster, better craftsmanship than most homeowners.

Bathrooms that are next to an exterior wall can have gas lines or other major utilities running along them. Relocating a shower or toilet might require you to break up your floor so if you really want to undertake this project we recommend you also replace your flooring at the same time.

If you are set on renovating your entire bathroom, we recommend you use 20% of your budget for addons or ‘road bumps’ so that you do not make the mistake of having an unfinished project without funds to complete it.

Updating floors with new tile can drastically improve the look of a bathroom. With new tile comes new grout to make a bathroom look brand new again. Just by changing the pattern in which the tile is laid can completely change the feel of a bathroom. 

  1. Easy Renovations, like replacing fixtures or the mirror
  2. Updating Shower/Bathtub
    • Be wary of ‘Road Bumps’, like relocating a tub, that can become costly.
  3. Replacing tile floors can quickly make any bathroom feel new.

Living Room

Flooring will drastically change the appeal of your living room, but while you are changing those why not do something that most people overlook until it becomes too costly for the added appeal? We recommend you also renovate your ceilings. If it is completed before you put the floors in, clean up and prep for the job is very quick cutting down on more labor costs. 

Most current homeowners do not enjoy the look of the ‘popcorn ceiling’. That’s why older design options have been gaining in popularity. Use a ‘knockdown’ for cheaper renovations. Even ‘orange peel’ can be done affordably if the installer is comfortable doing it.

Another option for a renovation is to replace doors. Doors that lead to a backyard can have enclosed blinds that allow you to not only block out the light but also to easily see what is out there. This option is not energy efficient, so if you are trying to make your house more energy efficient we recommend not replacing doors with windowed doors. If there is a noticeable draft coming from a singular door, a better and cheaper option is to replace the weather stripping/seals around the door.

  1. Flooring
  2. Ceilings
    • Do Before Your Floor is Installed
  3. Doors
    • Decide if you want energy efficiency or aesthetics


Master Bedroom

Floors and ceilings are also chosen to renovate in this room quite frequently. If you have an attic space and want to see the best value, try raising the ceiling in the master bedroom. If you have a door separating your bedroom to the bathroom, try making a toilet closet and turning the original door into an archway. If you are making your home more energy-efficient, try replacing your windows with a high-efficiency vinyl product like Alside Windows. These can add function and efficiency at the same time.

Guest Bedrooms

Fixtures and Fans are common renovations for guest bedrooms. Energy-efficient windows are also good renovations for a guest bedroom. Most people will not do much to a guest bedroom unless they renovate to repurpose the room.


If you can expand any closet, do it. It will be the best value-added to any house, whether you are selling your house or not. Closets always rank as a top factor in deciding on a house because everyone needs more storage space.

  1. Renovating Master Bedrooms Can Increase Appeal
  2. Guests Bedrooms Are Usually Repurposed
  3. Everyone Needs Storage Space


Windows are a must if you are trying to make your home more energy-efficient. Windows are where most of your household efficiency is lost. They receive the most heat in the summertime when you are trying to cool the house and vice versa in the winter, losing heat because it is still technically a window and can only hold heat so well. Making all your household windows energy efficient with multiple paned glass windows will add the best efficiency for heat reduction. This means your heater/boiler works less in the winter, while your AC also works less in the summer.


Resurfacing the floor in a garage is the most popular choice for this household room. If you repurpose the garage don’t expect to get much value when trying to sell. Adding Efficient Storage Spaces in your garage like hanging storage from your garage ceiling can add functional ease that also looks good to a buyer.

Water Heater

The water heater is also a great choice if you are trying to make your home more energy-efficient. There are many options available so do thorough research to find the best fit for your household. Make sure you use a licensed plumber to install it to ensure warranties are upheld through the life of your product.

  1. Be Careful Repurposing Your Garage
  2. Water Heaters Are Also Another Must For the Energy Efficient Home

Roof and Exterior


We always recommend you inspect your roof every year around August, before storm season hits, and document the state of the roof in case you have a claim you can prove the storm date. DaBella believes in a no-hassle consultation so we will be here when you have questions, through email, phone or text. If everyone decides you need an inspection we will come at your convenience so that we can carefully explain your options and give you a detailed quote on the spot.

Upgrading your roofing accessories will help the most, but if you are fully replacing your roof try going from a regular shingle to a high definition shingle. It will add a lot of curb appeal even if you do not want to sell your house. While you are replacing your roof add a Cobra® vent to the peak of your house to get rid of that ugly turbine or ‘turtle’ box vent. Also, think about updating your gutters with leaf guards and make your monthly maintenance a breeze.


If your siding can no longer be restored by cleaning, we recommend replacing it with new siding. It will reduce maintenance and add curb appeal if you are trying to sell. Talk to a DaBella Siding Specialist about your best options.

  1. Inspect Your Roof Before Storm Season
  2. Add Curb Appeal By Upgrading Roof Accessories
  3. Talk To Our Siding Specialist To Find Your Houses Best Options

What can DaBella Do For You?

We have specialists that can help you with windows, bath and shower replacements. Offering Glasswing Windows and American made Acrylic Sentrel Bath Systems®, we show our devotion to high-quality products that can last a lifetime. 

We can also take care of your exterior needs in roofing and siding. Alside® uses industry-leading vinyl to create some of the longest-lasting siding on the market. Our fiber cement siding by James Hardie® adds durability that vinyl can’t obtain with the same low maintenance.

GAF roofing shingles and accessories are known across the US as one of the top 3 roof shingle manufacturers. GAF has even garnered us with a reward that only a handful of roofing companies nationwide receive. Even our manufacturers know we strive for excellence in our customer’s satisfaction. 

We’re here when you need us. First, let’s talk and see what you would need. You can reach us after hours through the email signup through our website. Or someone is standing by during extended business hours until 9pm PST Mon. thru Fri. and Sat. from 8-5. Reach us by phone at 1-844-322-3552 or text through our website