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Walk-In Tubs for Seniors & Accessible Bathtubs

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Take Care Of Your Loved Ones With Walk-in Tubs for Elderly

According to the CDC, one out of four people aged 65 and older slip and fall each year. Falls among that same age group caused over 34,000 deaths in 2019. Also in 2019, there were a recorded 3 million hospital visits for slip and fall incidents resulting in about $50 billion in medical costs. This results in head injuries and hip fractures that may be detrimental to everyday life for this demographic of people. After the first initial fall, the chance of falling again doubles. A substantial portion of these slips and falls transpire in the bathroom because of the lack of safety equipment necessary for those with disabilities.

The most common reasons for a slip & fall accident includes lower body weakness, difficulties with previous injuries that may affect balance, medications that may affect balance, vision problems and most importantly home hazards that haven’t been addressed or have been overlooked.

Home hazards are sometimes easy fixes like adding extra railings on staircases, removing rugs and unused clutter from around the house. There could also be slightly more costly fixes and improvements that could be made in one of the more threatening rooms in your home. The bathroom is undoubtedly the most dangerous because of loose water that is commonly on the floor with no easy way to spot it before a slip and fall happens. Other problems that may occur, especially for the elderly and handicapped, is stepping in and out of the bathtub or shower. This is because they are not capable of lifting their leg over the bath tub threshold without assistance. The solution that many come to terms with is to install a walk-in tub.

What is a Walk-in Tub?

A walk-in tub is one with a door with a low entry threshold that is usually only a couple inches high. This makes it easier to enter and exit than a traditional bathtub with a 12-inch threshold. Something that is also unique for a walk-in tub is that they are equipped with a molded seat, allowing users to sit down in an upright position. This also makes it easier for those who struggle with taking a regular bath in a traditional bathtub because of the awkward and unnatural way of sitting. Usually, these walk-in tubs are about twice the normal depth of a traditional bathtub, granting them to soak the entire body up to the neckline.

How these walk-in tubs work is the person opens the door and sits down and then closes the door behind them. The door is sealed so water does not escape through the door. They then fill up the tub with water and begin the soaking process. After the person is done with their bath, they then drain the tub. These tubs are usually equipped with a drainer that clears the water at a quicker pace than a traditional bathtub.

Safety First

Walk in tubs are known for the low entry and exit threshold. Traditional tub/shower combos require a large step that may make it difficult for the elderly and handicapped to access. Something else that manufacturers offer is grab bars. These grab bars make it easier for mobility once in the tub and it will take a lot of weight off the feet when entering and exiting the tub. Grab bars provide balance when it is needed most when sitting down, especially with those who struggle with balance and standing up due to medical issues or age. All manufacturers also use nonslip materials, which is especially important when entering and exiting. The nonslip grooved flooring is different for each manufacturer but reduces the chances of slipping dramatically.

Styles & Therapy Features

A walk-in tub comes in a wide range of sizes and styles depending on the manufacturer. They can range from soaking tubs to more luxurious tubs with an assortment of therapeutic features. For those who struggle with sore muscles, back aches, arthritis and overall complications with age, a therapeutic high-end air or water jetted tub could help alleviate some of these aches and increase circulation throughout the body. A showering wand is also generally included to make showering possible and make it easier for those who may like a bath and shower experience.

Maintenance & Cleaning

With most acrylic bathtubs there is little maintenance that may need to be done. A weekly minor cleaning will do you justice for keeping your tub clean from soap scum and other bacteria that love this area of the bathroom. When it comes to the functionality of the tub itself and its mechanisms, the manufacturer usually has a warranty that covers all the components that make up your new walk-in bathtub.

Here at DaBella, our walk-in tubs are made of a non-porous acrylic. This type of material allows for dirt and grime to slip off easily when being cleaned and will keep your tub looking pristine for years to come.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair accessible tubs are exceptional for those who may be struggling with the regular activity of bathing. These tubs are designed specifically for people who are wheelchair users and are equipped with outward swinging doors, handrails for easy access and ADA compliant slide-in seat.

DaBella Provides Great Walk-In Tubs for Seniors.

Whether it be looking out for the safety of a loved one or looking to add some safety features to your bath that may make it easier for you to do some of your bathroom necessities. You can count on DaBella for the best walk in tubs seniors. We offer a catalog of options to upgrade your tub to your exact needs and preferences. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimates for a walk-in bath tub.

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