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Double Hung vs Sliding Windows

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Replacement windows can be a terrific way to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. They are also your view of the outside world from the comfort of your home. Deciding which window is best for you and your home can be tricky. There are several diverse types of windows on the market today and choosing the best window for your space can be tricky. In this article we will discuss the similarities and differences as well as the pros and cons of some of the most popular types of windows for homes in the United States today.

Let us do a bit of window terminology and explain what a double-hung window is as well as a sliding window.  

What is a Double Hung Window?  

A double-hung window is a type of window that has two sashes which can both be opened and closed at the same time. The sashes move up and down, allowing for ventilation and energy efficiency. Double hung windows are typically the most popular option among homeowners because they are easy to use and cost-effective. They are also relatively easy to clean since the inside and outside can be accessed by simply raising or lowering the sashes. 

What is a sliding Window?

A sliding window is another popular option for homeowners looking to replace their windows. Unlike double hung windows, sliding windows are composed of one sash that moves horizontally to open and close. Sliding windows can be a wonderful way to bring in natural light and airflow. They also provide a good amount of security since they open and close from the side instead of being pushed up or down. 

Double-Hung Windows Pros and Cons 

This type of window is an exceptional choice for homeowners looking for a window that provides both energy efficiency, air flow and security. However, every window comes with its own set of pros and cons. 

Pros of Double Hung Windows 

Air Flow 

Double-hung windows offer a great amount of ventilation. This is because you can open both sashes at the same time, allowing for air to circulate throughout the room. This can be beneficial for cooling down a room in the summer and for eliminating any musty odors. Additionally, double-hung windows are generally easier to clean than sliding windows since both the inside and outside can be accessed by simply raising or lowering the sashes. 


Double-hung windows are considered to be more secure than sliding windows. This is because the bottom sash can be closed and locked while still having the top sash open. This can help prevent a toddler or small child safe from a falling accident.  

Cleaning Accessibility 

Double-hung windows are also a great option for areas with a lot of dirt and dust, as the sashes can be opened from the inside for easy cleaning. They make cleaning windows from the inside of your house easier than ever, as you do not have to worry about reaching the outside of the window. This is especially helpful for double-hung windows on second floors.

Versatile & Unique Stylistic Options 

Double-hung windows come in a wide range of shapes and designs that can fit any home. You can even find double-hung windows in traditional, modern, and contemporary styled homes.  

Cons of Double Hung Windows 


Double Hung windows have many moving mechanisms that can wear out or require some lubrication to keep the moving parts smooth. This can require more maintenance than other types of windows, such as sliding windows. The tracks will need to be lubricated regularly to prevent windows from sticking. More modern double-hung windows are less prone to maintenance issues, including our very own DaBella Glasswing windows

Other issues that may arise with double-hung windows include replacing the weatherstripping on the frame. Over time, the weather-stripping can wear out and cause air leaks, resulting in energy loss.  

Cost Difference 

Additionally, double-hung windows are generally more expensive than sliding windows due to their moving mechanisms. However, if you are looking for a window with great air flow, security, and style, double hung windows may be an ideal choice for your home. Furthermore, if you are considering double hung windows for your home, make sure to check out the DaBella Glasswing windows. 

Slider Windows Pros and Cons 

Slider windows, like double hung windows, have their own set of pros and cons. See below for a breakdown of the benefits and disadvantages of sliding windows. 

Pros of Slider Windows

Energy Efficiency 

Slider windows are known to be much more energy efficient than double-hung windows due to their being less moving and mechanical parts. On top of this, the tight seal that these windows create makes them an excellent choice for homes that are looking to remain energy efficient as they do not experience as much air leakage as double-hung windows. In addition, they come in many different shapes and sizes so they can fit in any home. Furthermore, they require minimal maintenance and cleaning which can save homeowners both time and money in the long run.  

Natural Light Comparison 

Sliding windows tend to be much larger than double-hung windows, and therefore they are able to bring in more natural light into your home. 


Because Slider windows have fewer moving parts they tend to last longer and have a more durable construction than double-hung.  


The ventilation provided by sliding windows is also superior to that of double-hung windows. Sliding windows open from one side, allowing for larger windows and more air flow. Since the window is always open from one side, it allows for better air circulation throughout the home. This can be beneficial for those who are looking for a way to maximize the amount of natural light and fresh air in the house. 

Ease of Use 

Slider windows are extremely easy to use, as they are opened and closed by simply sliding them open. This makes them especially convenient for those who may have difficulty in reaching the top of the double-hung windows.  


Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned, slider windows require less maintenance than double-hung windows. As long as the tracks are kept clean and the locks are oiled regularly, these windows will last for years to come.  

Air Conditioners 

Although Sliding windows are not made or designed to be used to fit air conditioners, they are the perfect and most popular type of window to fit an air conditioning unit. 


In terms of security, slider windows are always equipped with locks which can be used to ensure your home is secure. This is an excellent feature for those who want to ensure their home is safe and secure. Furthermore, they can be easily locked from inside the home by simply sliding them closed. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want to maximize their home’s security.

Cons of Slider Windows 

Window Cleaning 

One of the main drawbacks of slider windows is that they can be more difficult to clean than double-hung windows. Since the window is opened and closed from one side, it can be more difficult to access the outside of the window. Also, they also require more time and effort to clean than double-hung windows, as you will need to slide the window open, clean one side, and then slide it back shut to access the other side. However, this is a minor inconvenience and with the proper cleaning tools, it can still be done easily.

Sliding Window vs Double Hung, Which is Best for Your Home?  

Both types of windows are excellent choices for your home, they are extremely durable, provide great ventilation and energy efficiency. Ultimately, it really comes down to personal preference and which will be best for the spot you would like to install or replace your windows. With the right window choice, you can ensure that your home is comfortable and energy efficient while making sure it looks great. 

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