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Double Pane vs Triple Pane Windows: What’s the Difference?

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The most obvious difference between double and triple pane windows is the number of glass panes. However, there are more differences that must be considered before investing in your home with new windows. Double pane windows are typically more affordable than triple pane windows, whereas triple pane windows offer more insulation. During the winter months, triple pane windows will keep the frigid air from seeping into the home, whereas double pane windows may not be able to do that as effectively. Additionally, triple pane windows also provide a higher level of soundproofing as compared to double pane windows. Triple pane windows also come in several types of glazing, including low e glazing and tinted glazing, which can further increase their insulation capabilities. 

What are Double Pane Windows?  

Double pane and triple pane windows are both types of insulated glass windows designed to enhance energy efficiency and provide additional benefits compared to single pane windows.

Double pane windows consist of two glass panes separated by a space, usually filled with inert gases like argon or krypton. This design helps to reduce heat transfer and improve insulation within the home. While double pane windows offer some level of soundproofing and insulation, they are generally more affordable than triple pane windows, making them a popular choice for homeowners on a budget. However, they may not provide the same level of energy efficiency and insulation as triple pane windows.

What are Triple Pane Windows? 

On the other hand, triple pane windows are constructed similarly to double pane windows but feature an additional glass pane, resulting in three layers of glass with two spaces in between. This extra layer of glass significantly increases the window’s thermal resistance and R-value, providing superior insulation against heat loss and outside noise. The additional layer also allows for more efficient trapping of inert gases between the panes, further enhancing energy efficiency.

During colder months, triple pane windows offer better protection against drafts and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by minimizing heat loss. They also provide enhanced soundproofing, making them ideal for homes located in noisy environments or near busy streets.

The Difference Between Double and Triple Pane Windows 

Here is a breakdown of some of the key factors that may influence your decision between choosing a double pane and a triple pane window.  

Energy Efficiency 

Triple pane windows are much more energy efficient than double pane windows, as they are able to keep the cold air outside the home more effectively. Additionally, the extra insulation of triple pane windows can also help homeowners save money on their energy bills, as their heating and cooling units will not have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. On the other hand, double pane windows are still a great option for many homeowners due to their affordability. But depending on the climate in your area, you may be able to save more money in the long run with triple pane windows. 

Double Pane vs Triple Pane Windows Noise Reduction

Triple pane windows are better for blocking out noise from the outside, which is why they are often used in homes located in busy urban areas. Double pane windows still provide some soundproofing benefits, but they do not block out as much noise as triple pane windows. Double pane windows do offer some noise reduction that is much better than a single pane window, however, it is not as effective as the insulation of a triple pane window. This is because of the extra layer of glass featured in the triple pane window, which helps dampen noise from the outside. 

Natural Lighting 

Triple pane windows offer a greater level of insulation and soundproofing than double pane windows, however, they do not let in quite as much light. This is because the three layers of glass act as a barrier to the sun’s rays, reducing the amount of natural light that enters a room by a ridiculously small percentage. Because the amount of glass the sun must penetrate is less and because of the natural light difference between the two, double pane windows let in more light than triple pane windows. The light differences again are so small that it would be extremely hard to notice the difference between the two. 

Durability & Security 

Double pane and triple pane windows are both incredibly durable and secure, with the triple pane window offering a slightly higher level of security. This is due to the extra layer of glass that helps to protect your home from intruders, tree limbs, baseballs, or golf balls, etc. Additionally, both types of windows are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance and upkeep. It is also important that you pick a contractor that uses a manufacturer that provides high quality glass and materials while also giving you an outstanding warranty. 


The quality of the installation of your windows is just as important as the windows themselves. Make sure you hire a qualified contractor that will install your new windows correctly, as an improper installation can greatly reduce the lifespan and efficiency of your windows. Double and triple pane windows do defer quite a bit actually when it comes to the installation. Double pane windows tend to be easier to install and do not have as many requirements needed. But triple pane windows are thicker and do in some cases require some tweaks in order to make sure that there is no leaking or gaps in the windows. Ensuring that your residence is structurally sound and is adequately prepared to withstand the additional weight will ensure that your windows are installed correctly and will last as long as they are intended to.  

Price Difference 

As previously mentioned, double pane windows are often more affordable than triple pane windows. This is because of the extra layer of glass, other materials needed to make a triple pane window, and installation costs. The price difference between double pane and triple pane windows is not usually too drastic, with the biggest cost difference being determined by the size and type of window. Typically, you can expect to pay around 10-20% more for triple pane windows than double pane windows, however, this cost is often offset by the savings in energy bills and noise reduction benefits that come with triple pane windows. Additionally, the durability and lifespan of triple pane windows is often higher, making them a more cost-effective choice in the long run.  

Double vs Triple Pane Windows, Which Is the Best Type of Window for Your Home?  

Ultimately, the decision between double or triple pane windows for your home will depend on your individual needs. Double pane windows are more affordable , while triple pane windows offer extra insulation and soundproofing. It is also important to factor in the cost of installation and the quality of the contractor. Both types of windows are exceptionally durable and secure, so you can trust that either choice will be an excellent investment in your home’s value. Both window types come in a wide range of window styles and sizes, so you can customize your windows to fit your home’s look and feel.  

DaBella is the Expert Contractor That Provides Flawless Double and Triple Pane Window Installations.  

DaBella is proud to offer both double and triple pane windows for our homeowners, along with expert installation services that guarantee a flawless, secure fit for your vinyl windows. From start to finish, our team will help you select the best window for your home’s needs and budget, and we offer the best warranties in the industry including a limited lifetime warranty. What is more, our experienced contractors are factory-trained professionals, so you can rest assured that your windows will be installed safely and correctly.  

DaBella has been a leader in the home remodeling industry for the last several years, and our team of contractors is both experienced and certified. We understand the importance of window installation and the impact it can have on your home’s comfort, value, and energy efficiency. Our team is here to help you make the best choice for your home and lifestyle. With our premium products including our own brand of DaBella Glasswing Windows, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, DaBella is the go-to choice for all your window installation needs. See what kind of transformation DaBella can make for your home and its energy efficiency and comfort with our triple pane or double pane windows, contact us today at 844-DaBella. 


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