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Roofing Contractors & Roofing Company in Bellingham, WA 

DaBella exclusively collaborates with factory-trained roofing contractors and offers premium roofing products provided by top-of-the-line manufacturer GAF Roofing materials.  

A Comprehensive Residential Roofing System 

While Bellingham’s winters can bring picturesque snow for skiing on nearby mountains, your roof requires durability to withstand the seasonal elements. As the premier roof replacement contractor in Bellingham, DaBella presents a comprehensive roofing system crafted from top-tier materials by GAF, a leading name in roofing supplies. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of homeowners through impeccable installations and superior products. 

Residential Roofs Backed by Unmatched Warranty Coverage 

DaBella’s roofs go beyond mere shingles. We install a meticulously designed system of components that ensures lifelong quality. Through our partnership with GAF, we offer an unprecedented 50-year manufacturer warranty covering both defects and labor—a pioneering feature in the industry. This warranty provides our customers with added assurance that their home investment remains safeguarded. 

Customize Your Roof to Reflect Your Style 

In addition to strength and reliability, we understand the importance of aesthetics. DaBella offers striking GAF architectural shingles that elevate your home’s curb appeal instantly. As your roofing contractor, you’ll have access to an extensive array of colors and styles, including exclusive options tailored by DaBella. 

A Comprehensive Custom Roofing System 

Our advanced roofing systems, designed with Bellingham’s weather in mind, provide enduring protection against diverse elements. From harsh winter conditions to scorching summer days, our roofing systems stand resilient. We incorporate various components such as roof deck protection, waterproof leak barriers, starter strip shingles, durable asphalt shingles, and ridge cap shingles. Vital features like ventilation ensure adequate airflow, preventing moisture buildup and enhancing energy efficiency. 

Schedule a Consultation with the Bellingham, WA Roofing Pros at DaBella 

Ensure your home’s long-term protection with DaBella, a roofing contractor renowned for our exceeding customer expectations. Contact us today at 844-DaBella to schedule a consultation at your Bellingham, WA, residence. We offer complimentary roofing estimates and convenient financing options for eligible homeowners. 

GAF® Timberline® American Harvest DaBella Exclusive: Heartwood
GAF® Slateline®
GAF® Timberline® American Harvest DaBella Exclusive: Amarone Wine
GAF® Grand Canyon®Sedona Sunset
GAF® Camelot®Sheffield Black
GAF® Timberline®
Architectural asphalt roof
Premier gutters and gutter covers attached to an Asphalt shingle roof.
GAF® Grand Canyon® Sedona Sunset
GAF Grand Canyon
GAF Grand Canyon
GAF Timberline Natural Shadow
GAF Grand Sequoia
GAF HD Barkwood

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