The wesley family receiving $15,000 sweepstakes

2021 DaBella Sweepstakes Winner: The Wesley Family

We are honored and privileged to announce the winner of our 2021 DaBella Sweepstakes: The Wesley Family of Tualatin, Oregon.  


Travis & Kelly Wesley are our 2021 DaBella sweepstakes winners. They will be using the $15,000 towards a brand-new shower remodel. They are particularly excited to get an updated modern look into their bathroom with sandstorm marble walls and an alabaster white pan bottom. After Kelly & Travis heard that they were the winner out of 86,965 entries into our sweepstakes across our 35 locations they were ecstatic of the opportunity. We offer a wide range of options and styles that will upgrade the beauty and usability of your bathroom. Whether you were looking for a tub/shower conversion, a new walk-in-shower, or a walk-in-tub, know that DaBella has something for you and will be backed by a manufacture lifetime limited warranty. 

Our sweepstakes are held annually. With just under 90 thousand participants this last year we are expecting more this coming year. The $15,000 can be used towards or in combination with a new roof, siding, windows, or a bath remodel 

Our next sweepstakes will begin January 2nd, 2022, and the drawing for our 2022 winner will be held in the first part of January 2023. To be entered into our 2022 sweepstakes, go to our sweepstakes page and fil out the form. Learn more about our sweepstakes by looking at DaBella’s official rules for the 2022 sweepstakes.

Transcript of Video

(0:31) “How long have you been living in your home and what about this area do you like the most?” 

“So we’ve been here since the start of the pandemic. We moved in end of June 2020 and it’s a great place to call home, it’s got lots of parks and it’s close to the school so we really love it. 

(0:52) “Were you experiencing any problems in the bathroom prior to winning the sweepstakes?” 

“Not huge problems, it’s just a little bit small, from where we used to live and we’re excited to give it a little bit of an update. 

(1:05) “ How will this new home improvement help with the livability of your home?” 

“It will just make it feel like it’s in the 21st century, a little bit more comfortable” 

(1:20) “ During your experience with DaBella has there been anything about the product that has made you particularly excited for your next bath remodel?” 

 “So we’re excited just to give it our own, I guess flare, whatever you would call it, make it our own and something that we picked just to make it more homey.  

(1:40) “If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us what would it be and why?” 

“Just lots of professionalism, clear communication. So we’re excited to take the next steps and see how that turns out for us.” 

(1:56) “Is there anything else you’d like to say about DaBella?” 

“We’re really surprised that we won this, so happy that we were able to connect with them. They came and noticed some things on our house and we were able to scope some things out and figure out what our next project was so we’re really excited to move on to the next steps!”