Advantages of James Hardie Fiber Cement

As a James Hardie Elite Preferred siding partner, DaBella is the industry leader in wrapping homes with top quality fiber cement siding that will last for a lifetime.

We recently had the honor of having Mitch Cook, a regional account manager at DaBella’s corporate office in Hillsboro, Oregon and wanted to share with you a few highlights of having fiber cement siding on your house.

Here’s the transcription of the video:

Benefits of James Hardie (0:00)

Hi, my name is Mitch Cook, regional account manager for James Hardie Building Products. At James Hardie, we’ve been in business for over 130 years, delivering quality and proven products to your home. Some of the great things about James Hardie is we’re delivering high on aesthetics, durability products that are also achieving low maintenance. 

Aesthetics (0:24)

When we look at aesthetics, we want to make sure that the products that we bring to the market fit the demands of our homeowners to achieve a long-term result that you can be proud of. 

Durable (0:33)

We want to always be making durable products that are going to last long-term.

Low Maintenance (0:37)

Lowering the overall maintenance when it comes to paint and caulk failures on your house. 

Partnership With DaBella (0:43)

We want to make sure that you are aware that we are partnered with DaBella to deliver a great end result that you can enjoy not only your siding product but your install as well to give you peace of mind. Thank you for considering James Hardie and DaBella for your homeowner exterior renovation.

The Benefits of James Hardie Don’t Stop There 

James Hardie fiber cement is well known industry leader for their quality product and the far superior warranties that they offer. With their wide arrangement of colors and styles including vertical and horizontal. James Hardie fiber cement siding has unrelentless reliability from all elements that your home may be exposed to. The last thing you want is a siding product on your home that will give you yearly maintenance costs that you will end up paying a fortune for. Adding James Hardie siding will not just give you a beautiful and custom look but also a return on investment that almost all home builders agree that it will increase your home’s value drastically.   

Damage Resistant 

Wind and hail are no match for the durability and strength of Hardie board siding. Something else that a lot of homeowners have encountered is rot and insects that love the nooks and crannies of siding materials such as wood siding. Fiber cement was made so that insects and other pests should have no interest or ability to puncture the new siding because of its impenetrable qualities. Hardie Board siding has a class A fire rating making it the best material to have on your home in a worst-case scenario situation. James Hardie fiber cement Is well known as for its durability making it to perfect choice for your home regardless of the region or climate you live in.  

Long Lasting Value 

Siding materials do not last forever, in fact most materials such as vinyl, wood, aluminum siding last about 20-35 years depending on a list of factors. Whereas James Hardie fiber cement lasts anywhere from 30-50 years or more. Unlike most other materials, you will not need to replace your siding on your home ever again. Siding manufacturers typically supply a warranty for the lifetime or the majority  

Customization Just for You 

James Hardie fiber cement comes in a wide catalog of styles, textures and colors. The colors that James Hardie provides range anywhere from warm tones of Navajo beige and khaki brown to cool colors such as gray slate and Boothbay blue. To see more of the colors that James Hardie supplies see their website and enter your zip code for a full list that is supplied in your area.  

DaBella, the Preferred Siding and Home Improvement Experts 

James Hardie has put us in a prestigious category of contractors called the elite preferred contractor alliance. With that title comes with giving customers great customer service and providing a quality installation process all the way until everything is complete. To see the rest of the badges we’ve earned and the reviews we’ve had with some of our previous customers, check out our online profile on the James Hardie website. 

DaBella has been servicing homeowners for over 10 years now. With thousands of years of combined experience and factory trained installers we make sure that the job is done right and to your satisfaction every time. Our partnership with our manufacturers is strong enough to provide you with a painless and transparent experience all the way until the installation is finished.  

Contact us today for a free no obligation estimate by either calling us at 844-DaBella or going on to our website. DaBella is well known for not just our siding projects, but we also offer roofing, windows, bathtubs and shower replacements. With plenty of options that will surely meet all your needs for whatever project you had in mind, we are one phone call away from the transformation of your home. Contact us by phone or by filling out a quick form on our website about some of the basics of the project you had in mind.