Grand Opening of Our 46th Location in St. Cloud, MN!

We are elated to unveil the opening of our brand-new location in St. Cloud, MN at! This exciting venture marks our third location in Minnesota, further solidifying our commitment to serving homeowners throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes with unparalleled residential home improvement services. 

Why St. Cloud, MN? 

St. Cloud stands as a testament to Minnesota’s rich culture, history, and community spirit. With its vibrant residential neighborhoods and an undeniable sense of unity, St. Cloud is the perfect backdrop for our next chapter. We aspire to blend seamlessly with the residential architecture and traditions of the areas we serve, and St. Cloud offers just the right setting. 

What We Offer 

Navigating an industry with diverse standards of quality and reliability, DaBella consistently rises above. We do not merely provide roof replacements to St. Cloud residents; we establish trust, promise enduring value, and ensure every homeowner’s peace of mind. 

  • Top-of-the-Line Products: Every home is unique and deserves the utmost care. We are committed to using only top-tier products for all of our residential roof replacement projects. By prioritizing durability, aesthetics, and protection, we assure homeowners that when they choose us, they are being provided with lasting quality. 
  • Unwavering Focus on Customer Service: At the core of our operations is a profound dedication to customer service. To us, each customer is a valued member of the DaBella family—a bond we cherish with every interaction. From initial conversations to the cleanup, our team ensures that every phase is smooth, transparent, and memorable. 
  • Lasting Value: While many in the industry may lean towards transient solutions, we set ourselves apart. Each roof replacement is an opportunity to deliver lasting value to homeowners. By pairing premium products with meticulous craftsmanship, we ensure our roofs are not only visually appealing but also offer supreme protection, energy efficiency, and longevity. 

Expanding Our Footprint in Minnesota 

With the introduction of our St. Cloud location, our presence in Minnesota grows stronger, joining our other two esteemed locations in Minneapolis and Rochester. This new addition emphasizes our unwavering dedication to homeowners across the state, reaffirming our goal to be your trusted home improvement partner. 

As we step forward into this exciting chapter, our promise to the St. Cloud community and beyond remains steadfast: to provide residential roofing solutions that homeowners can rely on, build relationships rooted in respect and integrity, and consistently deliver on our commitment to quality and lasting value. 

Homeowners in St. Cloud and surrounding areas, we are prepared and eager to take on your next St. Cloud roof replacement. Whether you seek expert advice, top-notch materials, or a dedicated team for your roof replacement, our St. Cloud, MN office is primed to assist. Contact us today at 844-DaBella.