Military Makeover: DaBella’s Action to Secure Jobs for Veterans

Commitment to Providing Jobs for Military Veterans 

DaBella is an established home remodeling services leader, striving to provide veterans with job opportunities throughout the United States. From the very beginning in 2011, DaBella has been passionate about making a difference in the lives of veterans and their families and creating roles for veterans to transition into the workforce after their service protecting the freedom and security of our nation. Hear from some of our veterans on How DaBella is implementing a lifetime of meaningful change for those who have served our country below.  

To navigate and help those who have served and are transitioning into a civilian lifestyle, our leaders have established a mentorship program internally to help make meaningful and lasting change for those who have served. Our commitment does not stop there, we have partnered with nonprofits and government agencies allowing us to associate ourselves with the chamber of commerce and DOD programs that will pair us with transitioning military services members and help them with this transition. With the help of Lifetime TV’s Military Makeover: Operation Career, DaBella is able to take this commitment to another level. DaBella has taken it upon ourselves to give veterans a chance at finding jobs and career paths, showing that veterans can be an asset to their communities and serve American families and their homes with lasting value.  

Employment for Veterans is a Major Priority for our Organization & is a Testament to our Prosperity & Values 

At DaBella, we talk a lot about how it is our job to make meaningful and lasting change in the lives of veterans and the homeowners we serve every day. We passionately believe that by placing veterans in positions that are commensurate with their skill sets, they can be an asset to their community and American families and their homes. We are proud to offer job opportunities to veterans and to make sure that their transition from military to civilian life is as smooth and successful as possible. We are committed to helping veterans succeed in the workforce as well as in their communities. We will continue to do everything we can to support veterans and their families and providing lasting value not just in the homes we restore but also in the lives of veterans who have sacrificed so much. 

DaBella is hiring! See our open positions if you, or a family member, friend, or veteran is looking for a great work opportunity to grow into a successful and essential contributor to our team.