Top Performing Roofing Company 2021

Top Performing Roofing Company 2021

DaBella ranked as the top performing roofing company in the U.S. for the second year running, in a new rankings report published by Qualified Remodeler.

During their 43rd annual ranking of the of the nation’s largest remodeling firms, Qualified Remodeler announced DaBella as the Top Performing Roofing Company in the U.S. for the second year in a row! Not only that, but DaBella has gone from overall rank #20 in 2019, to rank #19 in 2020, and now to rank #15 for 2021 among the top home improvement companies in the U.S.

“Each of the companies listed was selected as a Top Performer of the Top 500 list in 2021. For each given category of projects— from basements to windows—the Top Performer generated the most remodeling revenue of that particular kind. All companies on the 2021 Top 500 list are ranked based on remodeling revenue generated during 2020.”

In DaBella’s first 6 months of opening in 2011, the company only marketed windows, until a GAF representative told DaBella CEO Donnie McMillan Jr. about the manufacturer’s Master Elite Roofing Certification. The contractor program offered DaBella another source of financing at a time when the company had only one, as well as a comprehensive warranty package for each three-part roof protection system installed. “It quickly became the fastest-growing product class that we have; some of our branches are 75 [or] 80 percent just roofing,” McMillan explains. “Most people in our markets were just doing go-overs, quite frankly. They weren’t putting roofing systems on, so they didn’t care about ventilation. They didn’t provide the intake vent, exhaust vents, things like that. They would just put shingles over the existing roof in a lot of cases.”

DaBella is one of the leading home improvement companies in the US. With over 30 offices spanning across 12 states, DaBella’s explosive growth has allowed us to help homeowners all over the U.S. get the quality products, installation, and warranties they deserve. We work with you to create value in your home by providing outstanding service and premium products for roofing, siding, windows, and bath replacement systems. Thank you Qualified Remodeler for announcing DaBella as the Top Roofing company in the U.S. for the second year in a row!

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