Cleaning home siding

How To Clean Vinyl Siding – Cleaning Vinyl Siding Made Easy

How to Clean Vinyl Siding Without Scrubbing

Cleaning With a Pressure Washer

While using a pressure washer may be an easy solution to cleaning your vinyl siding, we recommend using extreme caution as it can cause damage rather than cleaning off the dirt and grime. For instance, a lower PSI may be sufficient enough but if you are not careful, the pressure can blow a hole in the siding panels.

How to Clean Vinyl Siding Without Scrubbing & Without a Pressure Washer

Another great option for those without a pressure washer is to use a soft-bristled brush that attaches to a garden hose. To avoid streaking, we recommend starting from the top and slowly making your way to the bottom of the house. Avoid scrubbing your siding until it becomes glossy, this could lead to scrubbing the finish off.

Mildew and Mold on Vinyl Siding

For those light stains, try using a 70% water and 30% white vinegar mixture as it makes a great all-purpose vinyl siding cleaner. Regular dish soap or laundry soap will also work for those tough to remove stains. We recommend using a rag or a soft sponge to apply it to the siding.

With the product applied to the fabric, slowly work your way down from the top of the house to avoid any streaking on your vinyl siding. Allow for the product to sit for a few minutes to remove the mold and mildew but do not let it dry on the surface before you rinse it off as it can cause damage.

ProTip: We recommend cleaning on a cool and overcast day to prevent the mixtures from prematurely drying.

Chalky Residue – Identifying Oxidized Vinyl Siding

Although vinyl siding is often the preferred option by many homeowners because of the durability, it does require some maintenance throughout the year. A great sign that your vinyl siding needs to be tended for is oxidation, a chalky white substance that occurs during the colder season where it is damp and wet.

Chalky Residue – Identifying Oxidized Vinyl Siding

The common rule of thumb is to wash your vinyl siding once per year but this may vary depending on the climate in your region. Regardless of your siding type, we recommend visually inspecting your siding at least twice a year to assure there isn’t any mold or mildew build-up, the frequency will vary based upon your region.

How to Prevent Damage While Cleaning

Maintaining the look of your vinyl siding will require a little bit of elbow grease and attention to detail. The general rule of thumb is to not use products that are too harsh as they can strip off the finish. Make sure to contact your manufacturer as all sidings are created differently.

DIY Homemade Vinyl Siding Cleaner

Vinegar Recipe

Maintaining the look of your siding from day one doesn’t need to be difficult. Using a 70% water and 30% white vinegar mixture is a great all-purpose siding cleaner. Make sure to pair it with a soft cleaning material to avoid any damage.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding With Bleach

If used correctly, bleach mixed with water can be a useful siding cleaning product. However, it is recommended to use with extreme caution as the wrong strength of bleach can be too harsh for vinyl and also damage nearby plants.

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