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New asphalt shingle roof on brick home

Worrying about rain, wind, and snow wreaking further havoc on your old roof will be a thing of the past when you update your Portland, Oregon home with a replacement roof professionally installed by DaBella. As roofs age, shingles tend to crack, peel, or go missing. However, our skilled team has the knowledge and expertise to perfectly equip your home with a new, durable, and attractive roof that is built to last.

How We Can Help With Your Residential Roof Installation

At DaBella, we proudly complete residential roof replacements with premium GAF asphalt shingles and Boral concrete tiles.

Asphalt shingles are a favorite since they are strong, economical, and available in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. With such a wide selection, homeowners can easily choose asphalt shingles that match their desired aesthetic.

Our Roofer Credentials

What’s more, all of the asphalt shingle replacement roofs we install are backed by GAF’s robust Silver Pledge® Limited Warranty, which includes 50 years of coverage for the materials and 10 years of coverage for installation. We also offer GAF’s Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty that protects roofing products for 50 years and labor for 25 years.

We have also earned multiple honors that highlight our flawless workmansip and customer satisfaction, including all three GAF Master Elite® Excellence Awards, GAF’s respected 3-Star President’s Club status, and the Premium System Professional designation.

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