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Top Seattle Roofing Company Installing Quality-Made Products Backed By Industry-Leading Warranties

Seattle has a reputation of being a rainy city. With more than 150 days of rain each year, Seattle roofs take a beating. It is important to have a structurally sound roof that shields your family from the unpredictable weather. As the industry leader in home improvement, DaBella partners with GAF for roofing products in Seattle, Washington. We offer Quality-made products, all backed by industry-leading warranties. With an endless selection of styles and colors, we are confident we have a style that meets your tastes.

Wide Array of Options

As a GAF Master Elite partner, a certification that only 2% of all roofing contractors have earned, DaBella has the ability to offer a wide array of shingles styles and exclusive color options only available through DaBella. Improve the performance of your roof and enhance your curb appeal at the same time.

Industry-Leading, 50-Year Manufacturer Warranty

By partnering with North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, DaBella is able to offer homeowners the option to purchase GAF Golden Pledge® warranty – 50 years of manufacturer’s warranty coverage including labor and installation. In addition, it’s also transferrable for free which will help increase your house value should you ever decide to sell it.

#1 Shingle in North America

At DaBella, we don’t just install a roof – our roofing contractors install a complete roofing system that is specifically engineered to protect your most significant investment. With GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System through DaBella, you’ll have different components that were designed to complement each other and stand up to Seattle’s rainy and windiest days.

Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong

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