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New High-Performance DaBella Glasswing® Windows are performance-engineered with all the features of superior window design – exceptional quality and energy efficiency, along with beautiful aesthetics and easy upkeep. New High-Performance DaBella Glasswing® Windows can bring your home the comfort and efficiency that you’ve been searching for! With a wide variety of unique features to the custom, high-performance windows that you can’t get anywhere else.

Design & Performance

The design ingenuity of our EdgeForce narrowline frame and sashes begins with a sleek, refined construction
featuring a larger glass area for greater daylighting. And while the clean-line aesthetic of these replacement windows captures your attention, extruded chambers integrated in the assembly provide increased structural integrity, strength and energy efficiency.

Enhanced cavity foam insulation further maximizes the energy efficiency of Glasswing® windows. This innovative
technology incorporates carbonized foam liners in select channels of the head, jamb and sill to create a highly
protective thermal barrier against energy loss.

Increased structural performance at the meeting rails of double-hung and sliding windows is assured with polyurethane fiberglass reinforcement. The composite technology also reduces the transfer of energy and fortifies the meeting rails for secure mounting of hardware. Built tough with a positive end-of-throw cam shifting lock, our Defense-Tek low-profile locking system seals the sash tightly closed and features an indicator that lets you know if your windows are not locked.

The superior form and functionality of Glasswing® windows is further assured with our Forecaster true sloped sill. This highly effective drainage system directs water runoff without the use of weep holes. At the same time, the HP3 integrated telescoping sill dam provides triple benefits: increased structural stability, improved protection from air and water infiltration, and enhanced style.

Heavy-duty strength against harsh wind and weather is at the core of our Gatekeeper sash-to-sill interlock. Traditional sloped sill designs can allow the sash to bow during intense winds, but with Gatekeeper interlocking technology, the sash is channeled firmly into the window frame for a unified wall of resistance. Along with three layers of insulating weatherstripping, Gatekeeper stands ready to protect your home in the face of extreme weather.

Our protective Ocular screen bulb seal creates a tight fit to eliminate light penetration between the window frame and screen, as well as block insect access. The compression bulb also allows for easier installation and removal of the extruded aluminum screen.

For Your Home – Superior Comfort and Energy Savings

  • Energy Efficiency Is Inherent in the Design Glasswing® windows are built weather-tough from the inside out. Premium-quality fusion-welded frame and sashes provide superior structural strength and a tight seal against air and moisture infiltration, while the multi-chambered design creates airtight insulating compartments for improved thermal performance and durability. Foam-enhanced sashes and mainframe, special multi-layer weatherstripping, interlocking meeting rails, compression bulb seal and insulating glass unit together achieve a higher standard of energy efficiency.
  • ClimaTech® TK2 Plus Glass Technology Windows are roughly 80% glass, so it’s essential to choose a glass system that’s proven to prevent energy loss. Our ClimaTech TK2 Plus insulated glass maximizes the energy efficiency of your windows. This precision-built triple-glazed glass unit incorporates the Warm- Edge Structural Foam Spacer System, two surfaces of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass and two air spaces filled with krypton gas to create a powerful energy-saving shield. Low-E incorporates a virtually clear, metallic coating that acts a thermal mirror to reflect radiant heat back into your home during winter and keep unwanted solar heat out during the summer. Low-E glass also reduces damaging UV rays that can cause furnishings and flooring to fade.
  • Warm-Edge Structural Foam Spacer System The champion of thermal efficiency and longevity, Glasswing® window’s Warm-Edge Structural Foam Spacer System combines a patented structural foam spacer with a seal of hot melt butyl to create a “warm” non-conductive edge. The non-metal foam spacer eliminates metal-to-glass contact, thereby increasing glass edge temperatures for optimal thermal efficiency and overall better performance. This best-in-class spacer design also stabilizes the panes of glass in the unit and minimizes any subtle movement of glass caused by temperature changes – helping to prevent seal failure and reducing the stress on the glass panes.
  • Enduring Beauty, Easy Upkeep One of the best innovations in vinyl replacement windows is the long-lasting beauty and carefree upkeep. The premium vinyl construction won’t rot, swell, split, corrode or pit like painted wood windows and won’t swell or warp from exposure to moisture. Your windows will maintain their fresh-looking appearance season after season.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty Glasswing® windows are manufactured by AMI, a recognized leader in product innovation, manufacturing excellence and uncompromising quality control. That’s a reputation you can count on, from the day your windows are installed until the day you sell your home. And to make your buying decision easier, AMI backs all Glasswing® windows with a Lifetime Limited Warranty – one of the strongest in the industry.