How to Clean Acrylic Tubs

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Easy Remedy For Cleaning Your Acrylic Bathtub.

Keeping your home clean of germs, bacteria and dirt can be a headache and is something that can be hard to stay on top of. Your acrylic shower or bathtub may be one of the items in your home that may be the most important to clean. Especially because it is something that you use every single day. There is certainly a wrong way as well as a right way to clean your acrylic bathtub or shower and we will be showcasing that here.

First, make sure you are aware of what kind of material your tub is. The most common materials are fiber glass, porcelain, cast iron. All of these materials have different methods of cleaning and require different and specific cleaning products. Using the wrong chemical cleaning products could damage your tub greatly and over time will result in it having to be refinished or replaced.

What are the Best Tub Cleaner Products to Use on Acrylic Tubs?

You pay thousands of dollars for a brand-new acrylic bathtub, and you want to keep it intact for as long as possible. Cleaning products are often made for specific materials, so it is important to look at the description and uses of these cleaning products.

Cleaning products for your acrylic bathtub should be non-abrasive and gentle cleaners that won’t deteriorate your tub. Tub cleaning products that should be used include:

  • A gentle bristled brush, or a terry cloth or a soft sponge will be perfect to scrape off dirt and soap scum.
  • Dishwashing Liquid such as Dawn® Ultra Dishwashing liquid.
  • Iron Out® Rust remover.
  • Formula 409® All-purpose Cleaner
  • CLR® Bath & Kitchen Cleaner
  • Lysol® Power Bathroom Cleaner
  • Tilex® Spray
  • Lime Away® Spray
  • Fabuloso®
  • Green Works®
  • Spic & Span® spray
  • Pine Sol®
  • Simple Green®

This is a list of products that we recommend. You should be able to find these in almost any grocery store but there are many more cleaning products out there. The one thing that you should take away is to always read the description and the uses of all chemical cleaning products. After you’re done cleaning your bathtub or shower, make sure to always be rinsing the unit with warm water.

Homemade Cleaning Options for Cleaning Acrylic Bathtubs

If you’d like to take a different approach and go for a homemade concoction to knock out those difficult stains. Here’s a very simple step-by-step solution that can be done with items around your house:

  1. Fill your tub with hot water and add 2 cups of vinegar. Let the water and vinegar sit for about 10 minutes. This will help loosen up the dirt and mildew.
  2. After about 10 minutes of letting the water and vinegar settle. Drain the tub.
  3. Cover the entire tub with a thin layer of baking soda. (Or you can use a mixture of borax, dish soap and water. Mix the three ingredients together and it’ll create a super cleaner for your tub!)
  4. Then scrub your tub with a soft sponge, a soft bristled brush or a soft towel.
  5. After scrubbing for a few minutes and you believe the stains and mildew are gone, rinse the tub with warm water. Make sure all signs of the baking powder are gone.

What Products Should Not be Used?

Some cleaning products may be too rough and will leave scratches and may result in more mold and milder growth. This will make it inevitably harder to clean in the future. Here is a list of cleaning products that you shouldn’t use:

  • Don’t use any kind of steel wool brushes or sponges. These cleaning products are too rough on your tub and could create scratches.
  • Don’t use ammonia or bleach products. These chemicals break down acrylic over time and will cause extensive damage.
  • Don’t use cleaners that use aerosol. These types of products also break down the acrylic material.
  • Don’t use Paint thinner products as these are very harsh on your acrylic tub.

How Often Should I Be Cleaning an Acrylic Tub?

Your bathroom gets used every single day and your shower probably gets used at least every other day. Cleaning your bathroom once a week is enough to stop mildew and mold from growing. Keeping your entire bathroom clean and in pristine condition will keep your bathroom looking new and will reduce the chance of cracking, mold and mildew or costly repairs.

After you are done cleaning and you feel that every spot of the shower looks spotless, and you’ve rinsed with warm water. A very overlooked and important step is to dry to tub or shower with a clean micro-fiber towel.

What DaBella Can do For You!

Is your bathtub or shower getting to the point where it seems impossible to clean? Does it seem like no matter what cleaning products you use, and you can’t get those stubborn stains out? You may need a new bathtub or shower. At DaBella we use a nonporous acrylic bath products that stops grime and mold from populating and is easy to clean. With regular maintenance, our acrylic showers and baths will last the lifetime of your home. Contact DaBella today at 844-DaBella or contact us through our website.

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