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Fiberglass Tubs vs Acrylic: Which is Best For My Next Bath Remodel?

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The Manufacturing Process 

The manufacturing process for acrylic tubs is quite simple but it is more hands on than fiberglass. A sheet of acrylic is heated up to about 200 degrees, it is then sucked by vacuums into a mold and then cooled by fans. Once the mold of the tub is finished it is then reinforced by a thick layer of fiberglass. Once the fiberglass is layered it is then laminated with rollers that remove all air bubbles which could weaken the tub and allows the fiberglass to stick to acrylic perfectly. The drains and any other holes are then cut to the precise specifications.  

Fiberglass tubs are made by heating up thin layers of glass strings so that they bind together. Once the binding process is completed the layer of Fiberglass is then molded and shaped and sprayed with resin to hold the shape. Fiberglass tubs are quite easy to manufacture because it does not take a significant number of steps or materials to complete.  

The Differences Between Fiberglass & Acrylic Tubs 

The main differences between fiberglass and acrylic tubs are the manufacturing process; usually fiberglass is an easier process and does not cost as much as acrylic to manufacture. Acrylic tubs can come with more customizable options including textures, colors, and fixtures. Also, acrylic is much more durable than fiberglass because of the fiberglass coating that surrounds the bottom. DaBella offers top of the line nonporous acrylic bathtubs and shower pans for their reliability, durability, and minimal maintenance qualities.   

What is different about fiberglass is that the manufacturing and installation is slightly cheaper than acrylic. But you will not be able to get the durability of acrylic. Also, Fiberglass tubs do tend to involve much more maintenance because they can shift and will get scratched, crack and will need to be refinished at some point during their lifetime.  

The Similarities Between Acrylic & Fiberglass Tubs 

Both fiberglass and acrylic are fiberglass-based materials but the shell of acrylic is different than fiberglass. Both materials are quite easy to install and do not involve a lot of labor. Fiberglass and acrylic baths are sometimes installed in one day. Both materials are very affordable, and you will not break the bank paying for either. Both require regular weekly to monthly cleaning to preserve their pristineness. You will need to pay regular attention to fiberglass tubs as they are prone to staining. You can clean both with just about any kind of cleaner you find in the store that will not scratch or damage your new tub.  

Maintenance Differences 

Both acrylic and fiberglass are amazingly easy to maintain. What DaBella recommends you use to clean your acrylic tub would be either Fantastic, Windex, Tilex spray, 409 spray, Lime Away spray, Fabuloso, Green Works, Spic & Span spray, Pine Sol, or Simple Green. You do not want to use any abrasive or gritty cleaners on your acrylic tub including Scotch Brite Pads, Magic Eraser, Comet Power or any solvents and thinners.  

Fiberglass tubs do tend to have more maintenance involved because the layer of coating is prone to scratching and cracking. Also, fiberglass tubs do tend to lose their color after a few years so they will need to be refinished every few years to keep them pristine. Fiberglass tubs are also prone to shifting and bending because it is a flimsy material. This can inevitably make the caulking around the tub to crack allowing water to seep through which will cause problems in the future if not taken care of.  

Are Acrylic or Fiberglass Tubs Best for Your Next Bath Remodel?  

Trying to figure out what looks best, what will hold up the longest and is within your budget can be a difficult decision. At DaBella we recommend you go for a material that will go the distance and be easy to maintain. Acrylic is undoubtedly the best material for your home for its lightweight qualities, durability, and undemanding maintenance.  

Why Choose DaBella for Your Next Bath Remodel? 

DaBella offers top of the line bath remodels that will transform your bathroom into a spa-like paradise and will give your bathroom an updated look. Our Acrylic units are made of a non-porous acrylic that will make your new shower or tub amazingly easy to clean and will not stain, crack, or lose Its color.  

At DaBella we strongly believe that quality begins at home, this means we prioritize a quality installation and home improvement experience over anything else. Our bath replacements come with unsurpassed quality and installations that will add to the value and industry leading manufacturer warranties that will keep your investment protected for a lifetime  

Come to the professionals at DaBella if you are ready to take the next steps toward your new bath remodel or any other home improvement project including roofing, siding, or window replacement. Contact us on our website or give us a call at 844-DaBella. We will bring the showroom to you where you are able to pick a style and color that you will love. Our expert bath specialists will go through all the options and make sure you will be pleased with your final decision.  


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